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Mexican Loaded Baked Potato

Last night my husband and I wanted Mexican, but we didn’t want to go out to eat and blow our diet completely out of proportion. So, I decided to make some Mexican Loaded Baked Potatoes. 🙌🏻
I used to make these a lot when I lived in DC. You can always mix up your toppings as this recipe is super versatile. All the ingredients are reasonable in price and delicious on top of a baked potato. You don’t miss the tortilla at all. I’ll typically buy 1 large potato and then split it in half to share. I also like getting the chopped salad mix, southwestern style – it makes it easy. And then I just focus on toppings, from stir-frying peppers and onions (think fajitas!) to making homemade guacamole. This meal comes together quickly and it delicious. Both toddler and husband approved! Enjoy!
✨1 large baked potato
✨1 lbs ground meat (chicken, turkey, beef work great)
✨1 bag chopped salad mix, ideally Southwestern Chipotle Ranch
✨6 grape tomatoes, diced
✨2 Avocados
✨1 tbsp Lime Juice
✨1/4 cup corn, canned works easiest
✨1 green pepper, sliced long ways
✨1 red pepper, sliced long ways
✨1/4 of an onion, long sliced
*1/4 cup shredded Mexican style cheese
*Hot Sauce, to taste
Homemade Taco Seasoning:
❣️1/2 tbsp cumin
❣️1/2 tbsp garlic powder
❣️1/2 tbsp onion powder
❣️1 tsp Chipotle chili powder
❣️1 tsp ground coriander
❣️1 tsp salt
❣️1 tsp black pepper
  1. Grab that potato! Wash it, stab it with a fork and pop it in your microwave. Depending on size and your microwave settings, it could take 7-8 minutes. While it’s cooking…
  2. Prepare that taco seasoning mix. Add all seasonings together in a bowl.
  3. Next – Brown that meat! Grab your frying pan, add a little oil – olive oil or Avocado oil work great. Brown your meat and add 1/2 the homemade taco seasoning mix. Once browned and cooked through, transfer to a plate or bowl and wipe down your pan. You’re going to use it to cook those veggies next!
  4. Add a little cooking oil to your pan and make sure heat is high. You want the peppers and onions to sizzle when you add to pan. Throw them in and toss. Sprinkle a little of that taco seasoning on top (to your taste). And let them sizzle and get nice and chard. They will cook fairly fast – your looking for fajita style brown-ness here.
  5. Next make your guac. Mix two Avocados, diced tomatoes, corn, and lime juice. Throw in rest of taco seasoning mix. Mix and mash to your desired thickness. I prefer chunky guac.
  6. Lastly, put together that pre-made chopped salad.
  7. Now load up that potato! I layer mine with Potato, a little cheese (it melts easier), some hot sauce, then ground meat, then fajita veggies, then the salad, then a scoop of guac! Yummy!!!!

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