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Fruit Salad: Keep it simple!

I was inspired upon a recent visit to our local Trader Joe’s. I found some great deals on strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries – and I absolutely love eating fresh fruit in the summer! Oh the things you can do with fruit – from eating it plain to putting it on oatmeal or yogurt, even in pies!

This week though, I wanted to keep it clean and simple by just mixing these perfectly delicious berries together in a glass bowl (that comes with a top) so I can easy store in the fridge. Once washed, diced and stored in the fridge, I found that Trader Joe’s fruit typically lasts about three days in the refrigerator. That leaves me plenty of time to eat this bowl and share it with my daughter, who happens to love blueberries and raspberries!

My daughter’s teeth are slowly making their appearance and she delights with pleasure when she can bite into a soft berry!

I hope this helps inspire you to keep things simple when it comes to summer salads or dishes. I know my focus this month is going to be all about that. Stay tuned for more meal ideas and inspiration.


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