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Motherhood: 6 Things I’ve Learned the First 6 Months – Part 5/6

Motherhood.  I have discovered that this new role in my life is full of love, anxiety and lack of sleep! Yet, it has been a life changing and completely rewarding experience.  This month I’ll be highlighting 6 things I learned my first 6 months in, as a new mommy. These are merely a collection of my experiences and advice for soon-to-be moms.


There are going to be days that you wake up and you are going to be frustrated.  There are going to be days where you are so tired between the breastfeeding, pumping, crying, diaper changes, bottle cleaning and poop explosions that you are going to want to call it quits.  This leads me to #5.

#5. Remember that no one really loves their job EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The ones who tell you they do are lying.  There are going to be days where you feel on point and there are going to be days where you want nothing more than to sleep in and throw in the towel.  Either way, it’s OK.  It’s OK to feel that way!!!

Motherhood is a full time, 24/7 job.  There is no end.  There is no break.  Even when you have a “break” and are out getting a haircut or out with friends, you’re still thinking or talking about your kid!  It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had and though it may look simple, it isn’t.  I’ll be real here — there are moments where I’ve wanted a break from being a mom; caused in part by sleep deprivation and frustration from not having a moment to breathe or take time for myself. But, I will say that even when you’re down and you want a break, you will find the energy and determination to keep pushing through to make sure your kiddo is happy, well-fed, clean and thriving.  I sometimes amaze myself! It really is the most rewarding experience to see your baby turn into this cute, kind, funny little human.  It’s magical.

So during the times where you feel like you need to pull your hair out, remember that this phase is only temporary.  You’re always going to be a mom, but they won’t always be a baby. Enjoy as many little moments as you can, because they are going to fly by incredibly fast.

A few more quick bits:

  • IT DOES GET EASIER. Once you hit the 6 month mark, it’s like the dark ages have passed.  You find that you have a little better grip on things, more sleep, and more reward from your little munchkin who is now laughing, babbling, sitting up, trying new solids and much more interactive.  Their personality starts to shine through by this point and it’s so fun!
  • POOP.  LOTS OF POOP.  You’re going to see it and smell it A LOT.  You’re going to get it on you. Your kiddo will get it all over their clothes too. Just breathe and laugh. Everybody poops.

Photo above: Me after I just finished cleaning up a poop explosion. 🤣


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