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Motherhood: 6 Things I’ve Learned The First 6 Months – Part 4/6

Motherhood.  I have discovered that this new role in my life is full of love, anxiety and lack of sleep! Yet, it has been a life changing and completely rewarding experience.  This month I’ll be highlighting 6 things I learned my first 6 months in, as a new mommy. These are merely a collection of my experiences and advice for soon-to-be moms.


Navigating through Motherhood can be kind of lonely. I felt like my husband (bless him) didn’t really understand what I was going through mentally, physically or emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, he is my best friend and biggest supporter, but there are just some things that men can’t fathom or even relate to. About 3 months in, I realized that I really needed to get out and make some Mom friends. This leads me to #4.

4. Build your tribe! Get out! Get to know other moms and make some friends!  They not only will become instrumental to you as you navigate through motherhood, but they will understand what you’re going through and become your biggest supporters!

I’ve found that as a 32 year old woman, making new friends can be a little trickier than it was back in the good ole’ days on the playground at school! However, I’ve found that there are two easy ways to do this now and you just need to be consistent:

#1: It’s really good to get out of the house and start participating in Parent & Infant activities. Not only will you benefit with adult conversation, but your little munchkin will benefit tremendously from the social interaction and stimulation. Whether that’s attending a free class at the local library, going to the Gymboree, getting involved at the YMCA, etc – find a place outside the home. This will help you meet other parents who will eventually get to know you and your kiddo (and visa versa) and you will start making friends in no time. Then, you can schedule play dates, BBQs, events, etc — and continue to build your network and supportive community.

#2: Mom nights! I was surprised to find that there are Mom groups just about EVERYWHERE that get together once or twice a month for a night out (or I should say, a night off)! You can find these groups through, Facebook and even some community centers! And if you can’t find one, I encourage you to create a group yourself, I have no doubts it will explode with interest quickly!

I found my group through one of my fabulous mommy friends on Facebook and the group gets together the 3rd Thursday of every month. Let me tell you, I look forward to these nights SO much. This fabulous group of women have all been through it – we share our stories and experiences, we encourage, we ask for advice and we support one another. It is the best and I always feel rejuvenated after. In addition, we are all getting to know one another and building friendships!

Our Mama Group!

So, if you’re reading this and you’ve been cooped up at home a while, get out! Build your tribe! You’ll be happy you did.


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