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Motherhood: 6 Things I’ve Learned The First 6 Months – Part 3/6

Motherhood.  I have discovered that this new role in my life is full of love, anxiety and lack of sleep! Yet, it has been a life changing and completely rewarding experience.  This month I’ll be highlighting 6 things I learned my first 6 months in, as a new mommy. These are merely a collection of my experiences and advice for soon-to-be moms.


Since it is Valentine’s Day, why not talk about love? 🥰

3. The love between a mother and child is indescribable. It’s just an incredible feeling.

I never really understood the different facets of love until I had my daughter. The day she was born, I felt this overwhelming sense of duty where all I wanted to do was protect her. While at the same time, this extremely powerful feeling that I can only describe as love. But like a pure, deep, and unending love. It was as if a piece of my heart was taken out of my body and was now placed in my arms. The bond you have from that moment on is forever and is so strong.

Now some moms can take a while to get to that place, due to complications or even our hormones (thanks a lot Mother Nature). I know for me it was there from day one and it gradually grew stronger as the weeks and bonding went on. However, I want to let you know that in the beginning it wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns for me. I was exhausted, especially those first 6 weeks. I had PPD and crazy thoughts that ran through my head. I would call my mom or my sister crying, completely out of the blue, and they would help snap me out of it. There were moments where even though I loved my baby girl, it was like “Love was not enough” and I just needed a break. In those moments, I would ask for help! For instance, my husband would take her for a few hours when he would get home from work and let me sleep. Sleep was huge. And some days I even went to therapy to talk out what I was feeling, which helped me tremendously. After those first 6-8 weeks, it was like a cloud had finally been lifted and I felt somewhat like my normal, happy, loving self.

Whenever your little one arrives, you will experience some aspect of this love.  For me, it is a deep rooted love – where you will do everything to make sure they thrive and survive. It’s an instinct, automatic even and I know there is likely a scientific explanation for it, but I prefer to just call it deep love. A love that has no need for anything in return. A selfless love. A piece of you love — if they hurt, you hurt. If they’re happy, you’re happy.

For those of you with a little one, hold them extra close this Valentine’s Day and tell them you love them. For those carrying a little one, tell them you love them and imagine holding them in your arms. For those working on a little one, imagine you already have your little munchkin and that they are healthy and happy – made from the love between you and your partner.

Happy Valentines Day! 🥰



Let me hear from you mommas – what have been some of your experiences?


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